What is mortgage brokerage?

The concept of mortgage brokerage is very little known to the common people. Some carry out this activity, for different reasons: real estate buying and selling business, fulfilling a dream,

Loan Rates – Saving and inflation

Nevertheless, an extremely large number of Belgians are willing to accept a loss of purchasing power. “The average return of 0.12% on savings accounts is far from sufficient to compensate

What is a savings and loan cooperative?

Savings and loan cooperatives (SOCAP) are non-profit entities whose corporate purpose is to offer financial services. They are inserted into a worldwide movement of a social nature, called cooperativism ,

About Credit Register

To be able to successfully get a loan nowadays, several conditions must be met. The main ones are that the customer does not have bad credit history, late payments or

10 tips to save energy at home and rejoice at the end of the month

Check which electric company suits you best. This is one of the most effective savings tips . For this you can consult a website to save or a comparator, or